Paper billing vs invoicing software or friend and enemies of the environment

Invoicing is the main issue for a lot of business owners. They are trying to find the most advantageous way of sending invoices, which could minimize the costs. Unfortunately, they consider just one side of the medal. The other side is the environment, which needs to be protected. The environment would choose the invoicing software, but what about us?

Older generation trust paper more than computers. They feel safer, having printed out paper bills. Tangible invoices are thought to be better than invoicing software. The issues that they meet are buying paper, printer ink, providing place for keeping invoices, etc. But they don’t think how this influences the environment. Average one tree is used for sending 1400 invoices or 4200 shits of paper. Paper invoices are the enemies of the environment for sure.

Luckily, more people choose invoicing software nowadays. Both your business and the environment have positive influence from using invoicing software. You get less costs, faster way of invoicing your customers, professionally looked invoices, time and money saving. In return, the environment gets saved energy, fuel, trees and oxygen. For example, according to OB10 calculation, 5000 invoices can save 2 trees, enough fuel to run car for 214 km, energy to run home for 1 month, 2.72 kg of air pollutants. These numbers are quite impressive.

The choice is evident – invoicing software. Clever business owner will choose the invoicing software in any case. Both environment and people are winners in the end.

17 Apr 2012