Rent a house in Thailand and visit its popular resort Pattaya

I guess you have heard something about Pattaya so far. If you are interested in travelling and in Thailand you should find out more about this resort. The better way to find out about Pattaya is to visit it. You can start planning your vacation in Thailand now…. Find and rent a house in Thailand, buy flight tickets and you are some steps closer to your dream vacation.

Pattaya is located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. The registered population of Pattaya is 100 thousand people, but in fact there live about 500 thousand people. Pattaya is about 145 km far from the capital and the biggest city of Thailand Bangkok. You can reach Bangkok in two hours. You also can rent a house in Thailand’s capital city and then go to visit Pattaya. There are many possibilities for you to choose.

Pattaya was small fishing village until the 1961. During the Vietnam War American servicemen arrived to Pattaya for relaxation and it brought big changes. It was impossible to rent a house in Thailand, especially in a small village, so servicemen were staying in a small bungalow in Pattaya. Pattaya became popular resort from that time. Nowadays over 5 million tourists visit this resort every year. Of course Pattaya is accommodated to the big amount of tourists ad offers wide choice of apartments, restaurants, beaches and services. But still you need to rent a house in Thailand in advance, so you could get best apartments and friendly prices.

There are not many sights to visit in Pattaya, but you will find a lot of different ways to spend your time here. Besides beaches, shopping and night life, Pattaya offers golf courses, horse riding, bungee jumping, shooting range, surfing and a lot of different activities. Trust me it is never boring in Pattaya. Just rent a house in Thailand and spend your vacation relaxing in popular and attractive resort Pattaya!

13 Mar 2012