What do you think about the future of invoicing?

We can see how everything in the world is changing. I mean technical progress. My grandparents, for example, were born when there was not any television. It is fascinating, how during the period less than 100 years gave us computers, mobile phones and more different devices and gadgets. Sometimes I am thinking and dreaming of the future. What else can be created? Maybe, flying machines or some photo camera that will be installed into human eyes? Maybe it sounds like fantasy, but I am sure it will be real in future.

I tried to imagine the future of invoicing. Actually it is hard. I think that now invoicing is already on very high level. Email is pretty fast way of sending invoices. And invoicing software provides easy and professional way of creating invoices. Maybe I can dream of fully automatic invoicing. Order can be sent directly to a program and invoice for this order is created and sent automatically. But I guess now it is already possible. The only requirement for the software is ability to detect customer and ordered products.

As future possibilities I conjecture, that all data will be synchronized and every computer will have touch screen. I imagine that I will have special computer for managing my products and invoicing. All products and customers will have images. I will choose the photo of customer and add all ordered items and invoice will be created and sent. Now with my invoicing software it works almost the same, but in future it will be more advanced. I don’t have good imagination because my mind is in some frames and I can’t generate ideas about future. When some new gadgets will be created, I will wonder, how I couldn’t create something like that.

I think after creating television and computers, there are no more limits for human being. In past robots were only in movies, but now they are real and doing a lot of tasks to help people. With the invoicing is even simpler. Every senior programmer could do it. Life is very interesting. Unfortunately we can’t visit future and see, how it will look like after 50 years.

1 Aug 2012